Study Tips for Taking the NCLEX

Staff Writer
May 3, 2022 | 3 min read

Happy NCLEX Wednesday! Here are this week’s NCLEX study tips:

1. Always report anything new or different or possible to the next shift.

2. Put clients with the same or similar diagnoses in the same room.

3. Always assume the NCLEX hospital has unlimited staff, equipment, and resources.

4. Read the question and decide what you are worried about, then pick an answer that you as the nurse can do to solve the problem.

5. Never choose an answer that delays treatment.

6. Assess the client first, before implementing a treatment.

7. Select an answer that is client focused.

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Happy studying, and see you next week!

– Cheryl Armstrong, MS, RN
– Britt Baer, RN, MSN-HCSM, SANE

For more NCLEX study strategies and advice, you can download our full NCLEX ebook here, for free!

About NCLEX Wednesday: Joyce’s NCLEX review course has helped our nursing students pass the NCLEX with flying colors. We’re spreading the love to all nursing students as part of a weekly series. Nurses unite!


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