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7 Fast Facts About Being an Occupational Therapy Assistant

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Apr 25, 2022

Why Joyce’s OTA Program is Right for You

America needs healthcare professionals. As the baby boomer generation ages and retires, the demand for skilled, competent care is only going to increase. Occupational therapy assistants are key to a growing field of caretakers that help patients live healthier and more complete lives even in the face of illness, injury, or age.

Before you take the first step on your journey to a fulfilling, in-demand career as an OTA, check out our list of the top 7 facts about becoming an OTA through Joyce University’s OTA Program.

1. OTAs are In Demand

Employment of occupational therapy assistants is projected to grow by 35% from 2019-2029, much faster than the average for all occupations* —and demand is expected to increase even more due to the aging baby boomer population. Becoming an OTA is of huge value to students as well as to the medical field overall, with the job being one of the most lucrative for someone graduating with an associate degree. An OTA is one of the best-paying jobs that you can get with an Associate degree, with top-earners bringing home over $82,210 a year and a median annual wage of $61,510 a year in 2019.* With the growing demand, this is the perfect time to start your OTA career.

2. You’ll Learn from Highly Credentialed Faculty

Our faculty loves what they do. They bring passion and drive to Joyce, along with decades of experience as occupational therapists working in pediatrics, geriatrics, academia, management, and more.

3. You’ll Get Real Fieldwork Experience Before Graduation

Our OTA program is hands-on. Along with classroom and laboratory work, all students will complete several fieldwork placements to receive as much exposure as possible to many different practice settings. Level II fieldwork in semester 5 consists of two eight-week full time experiences in different practice areas. Students leave our program as entry-level general practitioners with a solid foundation on which to hone their expertise over the course of their careers.

4. Gain a Leg Up on Your Resume With Assistance From Our Career Services Department

We believe in providing a holistic education in all our programs so our graduating students have the credentials they need to start off on the right foot. Career services will assist with building your resume, interview tips, and job announcements.

5. The OTA Program is Flexible

We wanted to give students some flexibility when starting our program. After all, life gets busy! Instead of enrolling one cohort a year, our OTA program offers two start dates annually. You can can begin the program when it fits your schedule.

6. The Program is Built for Today’s Industry

We’re not stuck in a rut – we’ve created this program using the most current information available on what new OTAs in the job market need to know. We built this program with the foundational standards of the American Occupational Therapy Association that meet the needs of the field today, while still looking toward the future.

7. Joyce Knows Healthcare

Our OTA program offers small class sizes to ensure individualized attention. We know our graduates will quickly become leaders in the field. Joyce is here for the students and to teach them all they need to know to succeed in their field. Our solid reputation for healthcare education, high job placement rates among graduates, and excellent track record of top exam pass rates are all reasons to choose Joyce University of Nursing and Health Sciences as your OTA destination.

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