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9 Facts About Our RN to BSN Completion Program

Staff Writer
Apr 20, 2022

1. It’s Fast – Like Only 4 Semesters, Fast

Working while going to school is never easy. That’s why we designed our CCNE-accredited program so it isn’t any longer than it has to be. You can graduate in just over 1 year or take up to 3 years with 51 credit hours, adding to the 69 from your RN pre-licensure associate degree program to earn your bachelor’s degree. Don’t forget to ask about our transfer credit policy.

2. The Entire Program is 100% Online

Nurses are busy. As a nurse-run organization, we designed our RN-BSN courses for nurses who need to balance work, school, and family. Our program is completely online, which offers more flexibility and more control over your schedule. You can fit your classes and schoolwork into your time and around your other priorities.

3. It Focuses on Holistic Nursing Practice

As nurses, we care for more than just muscle, bone, and tissue. We serve patients who have holistic healthcare needs, and we often see them when they’re at their most vulnerable. The development of our CCNE-accredited online RN-BSN Degree Completion Program is integrated with holistic nursing practice standards as identified by American Holistic Nurses Association.

4. We Don’t Require a Traditional Pre-Licensure Clinical

Rather than require already-working nurses to go through another traditional clinical rotation, our curriculum instead follows the best practice standards from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and uses clinical practice experiences. These are experiential learning activities that bridge the academic theory you learn in the classroom to the practical work of nurses.
Our clinical practice experiences provide you with real world assignments, allowing you to integrate new, pertinent knowledge into your nursing practice.

5. Every Project is Practical and Designed for Portfolio Development

All nursing courses require projects that are focused on professional practice – just like the real world. This curriculum approach develops your nursing instincts, refines your ability to “think like a nurse,” and leaves you with materials to strengthen your portfolio for future job interviews. Our project-focused coursework fosters an environment of curiosity. This allows our students to explore the nursing profession in a practical way. You already have the technical skills to be a great bedside nurse; our RN-BSN program hones your critical thinking ability to help you become an exceptional one.

6. You’ll Learn From Seasoned Faculty with a Variety of Specialties

This is part of what makes Joyce University unique. Our entire faculty has worked in the nursing profession, and many continue to work as nurses in a variety of roles. They come from a breadth of professional and educational experience, and all have earned or are working toward their doctorate degrees. We look for a diverse group of nursing faculty fully invested in teaching the next generation of healthcare leaders. Our faculty wants to enrich the lives of our students by personally connecting with students and sharing their knowledge.

7. The Curriculum is Founded on the Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice

Because we want students to leave our program with a broadened, patient- entered approach to nursing, the Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice are the backbone of our RN-BSN curriculum. The nine essentials provide a core framework for nurses to expand their knowledge beyond a task-oriented mindset. Nurses learn to apply research and evidence- based practice to help connect theory to their daily practice.

8. The Program is Current and Relevant to the Changing Healthcare Industry

Our curriculum isn’t stuck in the past. Our RN-BSN program prepares nurses for leadership positions in the current healthcare environment by implementing best practices. Our courses are designed for working nurses by working nurses.

9. We Have a High Job Placement Rates

Our RN-BSN graduates are in demand to get hired, with 94% being employed within 6 months of graduating. The program is endorsed by American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC). That means you’ll earn a quality education and a degree that matters.

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