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9 Facts About Our RN to BSN Completion Program

Gwen Davis-Barrios
Reviewed by Dr. Clancey Sollis
Apr 2, 2024

One of the many benefits of working as a nurse is that there is always an opportunity to grow and expand your career path. If you are a Registered Nurse (RN) with an Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) degree, you can further your education and work experience by earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree in just over one year. Joyce University’s RN to BSN program offers the perfect way to grow your nursing knowledge, job prospects, and salary potential.

We designed our RN to BSN program with working nurses in mind — it’s online and flexible so you can balance school, home, and work. This program will build on your prior nursing education and practice with classes on nursing ethics, healthcare management, advanced nursing practice, and more.

Here are nine reasons why you should earn your BSN at Joyce.

1. Our RN to BSN Program is Only 4 Semesters

Your time is valuable, so we designed an accelerated RN to BSN pathway that only takes four semesters, or just over one year, to complete. That makes this one of the fastest ways to grow your nursing career. Joyce’s online RN to BSN program is 120 credit hours, consisting of 51 credits and 45 practicum hours, adding to the 69 hours of transfer credit previously earned in your ASN program. We build on your prior education, so you can fast-track your nursing career growth.

2. Our RN to BSN Coursework is 100% Online

We created an online RN to BSN program that you can complete on your schedule and at your convenience. Joyce University is staffed with seasoned nurse faculty, so we recognize what it takes to balance work, school, and family.

Our RN to BSN coursework is asynchronous, which means that you can complete weekly assignments when it’s convenient for you. Our online format also means that you have a digital library, virtual tutoring, student services support, and IT help at your fingertips. Students in this program are not required to travel to campus for any training, enabling qualified out-of-state students to complete the program in their location.

3. Our RN to BSN Program Focuses on Holistic Nursing Practice

You already know that nursing is about much more than administering medications. Our RN to BSN degree integrates practice standards set by the American Holistic Nurses Association that promotes a well-rounded, client-centered nursing philosophy.

For Joyce University, holistic nursing means that we consider the client as a whole person. Patients have social, cultural, and spiritual lives that extend beyond the walls of any healthcare facility. We teach communication, cultural sensitivity, evidence-based practice, client education, complementary therapies, and how to collaborate with the whole healthcare team, and we find that well-rounded nurses exceed expectations for bedside manner and client care.

4. Our RN to BSN Doesn’t Require a Traditional Pre-Licensure Clinical

There’s no need to send qualified RNs through traditional supervised clinical rotations to obtain their BSN. At Joyce, we create the opportunity for RN to BSN students to dive into specialized work with hands-on practicum experience. BSN practicums are immersive ways for nursing students to bring theoretical knowledge into their nursing practices.

5. Every Project is Practical and Designed for Portfolio Development

We designed the Joyce RN to BSN degree to hone your nursing instincts at every step and build your portfolio for future job applications. Coursework at Joyce is practice-focused and offers real-world applications. You can be sure that everything you learn is relevant to your career. When applying for jobs at the end of your BSN program, you can look back on every project and tell an interviewer how it has strengthened your nursing and critical thinking skills.

6. You’ll Learn From Seasoned Faculty with a Variety of Specialties

Just because our RN to BSN program is online doesn’t mean that you’re on your own. Joyce’s faculty members have all worked in the nursing profession, representing a wide variety of professional and educational experience. Our faculty makes themselves available to mentor students and empower them with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed. We also have faculty advisors available who can help you develop your career, network, and land the right job. At Joyce, we have your back.

7. The Curriculum is Founded on a High Standard of Excellence

On top of our institutional and programmatic accreditation, we structured the RN to BSN program to meet the American Association of Colleges of Nursing’s The Essentials: Core Competencies for Professional Nursing Education guidelines. These guidelines are designed as a framework that pushes nurses beyond the basics and into a higher realm of critical thinking and client care.

8. Our RN to BSN is Current to the Changing Healthcare Industry

Evidence-based practice is always shifting to reflect scientific developments. Because Joyce’s curriculum is designed for working nurses, we keep up to date on current nursing practice, including healthcare research and trends. In this way, we prepare our RN to BSN students to lead the nursing field and shape it in positive ways.

9. Our RN to BSN Has High Job Placement Rates

A Joyce BSN is a great move for your career, and most BSN nursing graduates who pass the NCLEX find employment within six months of graduating. A Joyce degree will challenge you to meet high standards of excellence and provide you with marketable skills designed to prepare you for the workforce. Our career services team is to assist you as you all along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions About RN to BSN Programs

Where Will You Complete Your Practicum?

Practicums get students out of the virtual classroom and into the community. Clinical practice experiences take place in local-to-you healthcare facilities and may include interviews, observation, and research. During your practicum, you’ll collaborate with preceptors and faculty mentors. This can open the door for future job placements and gives insight into nursing management.

What Is the RN to BSN Curriculum?

Our curriculum builds on your prior nursing education and will raise you to the next level of professionalism and expertise. RN to BSN courses focus on professional development, research, advanced nursing practice, ethics, collaboration across professions, nursing management, and more.

What Can BSN Nurses Do That ASN Nurses Can’t?

Our RN to BSN program prepares students to fill advanced specialist roles after graduation, which ASN-prepared RNs rarely get the opportunity to do. BSN nurses typically have better job placement, more leadership opportunities, more career options, and increased earning potential. Because many healthcare facilities prefer to hire nurses with BSNs over an ASN, a Joyce BSN may open up your career prospects and your potential for a rewarding healthcare career.

Start Your RN to BSN Journey Today

Joyce University’s RN to BSN completion program can fast-track your growth in a little over one year. We designed our flexible, online format to give you control over your career, and our focus on projects with real-world applications will prepare you for nursing excellence.

Ready to get started? Talk to an admissions advisor today.

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