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Apr 27, 2022 | 14 min read

At Joyce, we’re committed to helping you develop a nursing career that’s founded in academic rigor, excellence, and integrity. Here, you’ll pursue a meaningful education and add to a powerful network of like-minded professionals in the healthcare community.

On-Campus Experience at a Nursing Program in Utah

Learn more about the student life that makes us one of the top nursing programs in Utah.

1. Blended Learning Structure

This isn’t the traditional college experience. It’s better. Students entering the direct entry Master of Science in Nursing program at Joyce will undergo a blended approach to learning, combining in-person and online learning experiences.

Your in-person attendance will begin in your second semester during blocked clinical and lab rotations. Throughout your time at Joyce, your dedicated Cohort Coordinator will organize student learning teams. They’ll facilitate student appreciation, cohort meetups, and specialized events specific to our students. This means that while you may not be located closely with your fellow classmates, you’ll have the same opportunity to connect and begin building a meaningful and lasting peer network. Our students also utilize Slack and Zoom to connect, discuss classes, and share resources with one another. Joyce students are also encouraged to participate in student council, regional and international clinical and humanitarian trips, and service projects that we organize for the community such as blood drives.

Each in-person session is designed to advance your nursing skills. On campus, we apply hands-on training that reinforces information learned in your online classes, enabling you to make the most of your meaningful time. This hands-on training will ensure both a quality education and the confidence to enter the nursing field.

2. Campus Location

Our nursing program is based in Draper, Utah, conveniently close to both Trax and FrontRunner stations, and a ride down Interstate 15 from the Salt Lake City International Airport. Our facilities reflect a student-centric culture to set you up for success. With student lounges, private study carrels, and snack areas, we’re here to help make your learning experience impactful and affordable.

Rather than directing your tuition costs towards an elaborate ecosystem of buildings, our emphasis in campus life at Joyce is on student outcomes and clinical skills training. We keep labs and simulation class sizes small to guarantee personalized instruction, so that you graduate from the nursing program ready to practice safe, quality care. You won’t blend in or fall behind. As a student in our healthcare program, you will have every opportunity to ensure that you achieve the standard of excellence our proud alumni have set.

3. Nursing Simulation Center

Campus life at Joyce will give you the competitive edge for job placement and advancement in the field of nursing. While much of our programs are online, clinicals are a vital part of your education. Our nursing simulation center offers high-fidelity robotic patients, life-like synthetic cadavers, and more, all to establish your relevancy as a nursing professional.

Immersive skills labs will take place in a safe, controlled environment so that you feel prepared for real-world nursing experience. At Joyce, our efforts to support outcome-centered care make us one of the most popular nursing programs in Utah.

You can read more about the Joyce Johnson Center of Simulation to understand how the realistic clinical atmosphere will contribute to your nursing education.

4. Library and Student Resource Center

Our students can expect learning support resources right where they need them. You’ll find all the study materials and spaces you need on campus, within walking distance of your classes, so you have a place to work free from distractions. When you’re at home, we also have an online library with a 24-hour helpline. Flexibility is integral to our programs so that as you begin the steps towards a career in nursing, you feel both welcomed and empowered.

An added bonus? Our student support also includes a team of Cohort Coordinators to guide our students in administrative needs. Whether you need help with arranging travel, study sessions, or team building exercises with your cohort, you’ll be connected with quality assistance to make your learning experience as impactful as possible.

Would you like to learn more about life on campus? Are you ready to enroll? Give us a call at (801) 890-4704, or check out our nursing programs here.


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