Cost and Benefits to Consider With an Accelerated BSN Degree

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Apr 27, 2022 | 14 min read

As one of the leaders in nursing education in Utah, the accelerated BSN program at Joyce has created a fast, affordable alternative to the traditional 4-year Bachelor of Science in nursing degrees you will get at other institutions. If you already have a non-nursing bachelor’s degree and are looking to make a career change or jumpstart your career in the field of nursing, read on to learn how we help students graduate with their BSN quickly and with as minimal debt as possible.

The Cost

Estimated Tuition

So, how much does the accelerated BSN program cost? At this time, the total estimated tuition of Joyce’s aBSN program is $50,800 based on 60 program credit hours. We are completely transparent in our rates and are dedicated as your partner in education to make your nursing degree both accessible and affordable.

Full aBSN Cost Breakdown:

  • Credit Hours: 60
  • Cost Per Credit Hour: ~$846
  • Total Estimated Tuition: $50,800
  • Estimated Books & Supplies: $1,900
Financial Aid Resources

We offer one of the most affordable Accelerated BSN programs, and the majority of our new students qualify to receive some form of financial aid. Below are a few of our financial aid services you can explore as you consider our aBSN program:

  • Veteran Education Benefits:
    Veterans, service members, as well as military spouses and family members are eligible for financial assistance in the pursuit of an accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Submit your education benefits application through the Veterans Affairs (VA) website.
  • Federal Title IV Student Financial Aid Programs:
    Prospective aBSN students must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to receive federal loans. Additional student loan funds are available from private lenders for applicants who meet their qualifications. A financial aid packet is available at our campus Financial Aid Office. Once eligible for federal student loans, aBSN students must also complete student loan entrance counseling prior to their first day of class.

The Benefits

At the end of your aBSN program, you will be eligible to sit for the NCLEX licensure exam, and prepared to make invaluable contributions to your future patient care teams. But before you get there, we understand that the cost of continuing education is a primary concern. Here is a cost-benefit analysis of pursuing your accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing with us.

Enter the Workforce Faster

When you commit 40 hours per week to your education, you can expect to earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing and launch a career as a registered nurse in as little as 20 months. We are dedicated to helping students successfully pass the NCLEX exam the first time, faster than a traditional four-year program. The benefit: you’ll be able to enter the workforce sooner, earn an income faster, and pay off debt quicker than students in a traditional program.

Provide a Higher Quality of Care

According to AACN, there is a growing body of evidence that nurses with bachelor’s degrees are significantly better prepared than their ASN-prepared colleagues. Their patients experience lower mortality rates and higher rescue rates. Because of the faster pace and rigor of the program, BSN-prepared nurses are also better equipped to properly meet the demands of today’s dynamic medical environment. With a BSN, you will be among the most knowledgeable, proficient leaders in your field. Your research and critical reasoning skills will make you a stronger candidate for growth opportunities, helping you build a proven track record of efficiency along the way.

Job Outlook and Security

Most nurses – 80% in fact – are reported to currently have a bachelor’s degree. This means that by acquiring a BSN, you will be part of the competitive majority of job applicants entering a high-demand field. Some employers, like the Armed Forces, require a bachelor’s degree for all nurses. This is quickly becoming the norm across healthcare institutions, so if you plan to enter the nursing field, now is the time to acquire a degree. When you choose an accelerated BSN, you’ll get ahead that much faster and at a more affordable cost.

Learn how Joyce can help you reach your career goals. To get more information about our accelerated BSN program or seek financial assistance moving forward, call (801) 890-4704.


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