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Top 4 Benefits of a Hybrid aBSN Program

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Jun 5, 2023

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is a great way to advance your career and open the door to more leadership opportunities and higher salary potential. Our accelerated BSN (aBSN) program was designed for flexibility and accessibility. Read on for the top benefits of our hybrid accelerated BSN program at Joyce University.

Joyce’s rigorous aBSN program combines online lectures with in-person clinical training to help you graduate quickly with the skills needed to provide high-quality patient care. This is called blending learning. Discover the benefits of a blended learning environment from one of the leading BSN programs in Utah.

1. Balance School and Home Life

An accelerated BSN program is intended for those holding a non-nursing bachelor’s degree and are seeking a career transition to the field of nursing. If you are a career changer looking to break into the field of nursing, our aBSN program offers online coursework with hands-on skill development to prepare you for a dynamic career while balancing school with the rest of your life.

So, if time is the only thing standing in the way of pursuing a future in healthcare, an accelerated BSN program can be a better fit than traditional 4-year programs. Between families and full-time jobs, a hybrid aBSN program helps you to work around a busy schedule so that you have time for the other commitments in your life. Learn more about the Benefits of Earning a BSN Degree.

2. Experience Virtual and Hands-On Learning

Joyce’s hybrid learning approach combines the best of both worlds by blending online lectures with hands-on practice to enhance your learning and retention skills. You’ll have access to our online coursework through the Canvas student portal and will apply your knowledge through hands-on skills development in our state-of-the-industry simulation center.

The combination of remote technical proficiency and hands-on experiential learning with skills labs, simulation experiences and scheduled clinical rotations will prepare you for working in the field as a nursing professional. Our mission to prepare people to serve as competent professionals is behind our commitment to providing state-of-the-industry nurse training designed to produce professionals with the highest standards of clinical judgment.

If you’re pursuing a BSN in a state other than Utah, inquire about your state’s local laws to confirm that the completion of our program enables you to practice in your chosen area. Learn about the 10 Most In-Demand States for Nursing. 

3. Learn From Lectures at Your Own Pace

A hybrid aBSN program will help make continuing your education effective and efficient. The program is designed to accommodate distance education students because the majority of coursework is completed online through asynchronous lectures. The virtual classroom, digital library, and student resources at Joyce are always at your fingertips on our user-friendly, fully integrated Canvas learning platform. You’ll also have access to virtual or in-person tutoring at our Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) to help you get the most out of your nursing education. Read about the Best Study Tips for Retaining Information.

4. Access State-of-the-Industry Facilities

The hybrid learning environment gives you access to virtual lectures for your foundational nursing education, while real-world on-site simulations are where you will put your learning into practice to complement the clinical education you will receive. Joyce offers cutting-edge technology both in and out of the virtual classroom. Our aBSN program divides your curriculum between virtual, asynchronous lectures, in-person physical labs, and clinical practice time so you are only on campus when necessary.

Our hybrid aBSN format means no wasted time. Our Draper campus in Utah is equipped with the latest medical technology, including high-fidelity robotic patients and hyper-realistic synthetic cadavers. Hands-on simulations also involve the use of suctioning equipment, oxygen therapy, IV’s, catheters and more so you will be ready to walk onto the hospital floor fully equipped with the knowledge and practice to hit the ground running. Each simulated clinical experience will equip you with lifesaving skills that will enable you to provide the highest-quality patient care. Read more on Reasons to Choose Joyce’s aBSN Program.

Joyce’s blended learning program prepares you to begin an impactful career that saves lives. Are you ready to enroll? Give us a call at (801) 890-4704.


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